Our Clients

Crosstree exclusively serves Health Sciences companies worldwide, specializing in three distinct, high-growth sub-sectors at the leading edge of the industry.

Our clients are changing lives

Crosstree’s clients are at the forefront of health sciences innovation, creating the future of the pharmaceutical industry. Medicines are transforming from one-size-fits-all traditional therapies to targeted and precision medicines. In addition, technological advances and the digitization of medicine have created new opportunities and challenges for the industry. Crosstree’s expertise enables us to provide superior outcomes for these highly sophisticated clients.

Our Health Sciences Clients

We work with some of the most prestigious Private Equity firms in the world

PE firms leverage Crosstree’s health and life sciences expertise to make successful bids, formulate actionable growth theses, and maximize return upon exit. Our private equity clients across the healthcare and life sciences spectrum value our robust insights and ability to deliver relevant global industry perspectives.

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Our Private Equity Clients

Our client base and transactions span the globe​

Crosstree works with clients in every developed country in the world supporting a wide range of transactions, from billion-dollar deals to mid-market and growth capital investments.
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